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 2017 Annette R. Hall. All rights reserved. All images, jewelry designs, and other content on this web site are protected by copyright law and may not be used without permission. Annette Ragone Hall
Annette’s jewelry may be purchased by the public at the following locations: Stitchin’ Post Gifts 104 South Main St. Salisbury, NC  28144 Touché Ladies Boutique 201 N. Lake Park Blvd Carolina Beach, NC 28428 The Little Gallery at Smith Mountain Lake 116430 Booker T. Washington Hwy., Moneta, VA  24121 Annette's hand-painted pendants and earrings are original, painted images topped by glass. Each collection starts as a large acrylic painting on paper, which, after sealing, is cut up into circles, rectangles, and squares of various sizes to create individual pieces. Once the last cut shape has been turned into a piece of jewelry, the collection based on that painting is complete. Annette photographs the original paintings, so after they are cut up, they remain only as an electronic memory (you can view these images here). Because each of her paintings is a beautiful work of art in its own right, the painful part of the jewelry-making process for Annette is that first cut!
Sample of large round pendant from Annette Ragone Hall's "In The Darkness There Is Light" collection.
Annette sells her hand-painted jewelry on a wholesale basis. Wholesale buyers may contact her for pricing and terms or to request a sample piece.
Annette is currently developing a new style of jewelry. All previous collections consisted of pendants and earrings topped with glass. The back side of each of those source paintings had a solid color (gold, silver, black, or other color). The image part of the paintings for all previous collections was protected by the glass on top of each cut piece. Only the backs of those source paintings were sealed. Unlike the previous collections, The Hearts & Stars collection is being created using an acrylic painting that has images on both sides. The pieces will not be topped by glass. The Hearts & Stars painting is sealed on both sides with an isolation coat and and then with two coats of varnish. Stay tuned for samples of finished pieces once Annette has finished cutting up this painting and begun creating jewelry from it. To see what the source painting (front and back) looks like, click here.